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Thank you for choosing our services. For common questions about getting set up, including uploading your site, common FrontPage questions, technical frequently asked questions, and scripts for download, please contact your local account representative.
Also, to administer your account (set permissions or change passwords) refer to our ADMINISTRATION page.


1. Open a connection to the Internet and start Microsoft FrontPage Explorer.
2. Once it is open, click File, Open FrontPage Web.
3. Once the dialog box open select Open an Existing FrontPage Web, and click More Webs. In the dialog box that appears, in the field that asks for Web server or Disk Location enter the location of your files that are on your hard drive (For example: C:\mywebsite ). Then click List Webs.
4. Once Root Web appears in the second box, Click OK. FrontPage will now load your files into the explorer.
5.Once your files appear in the FrontPage Explorer, click File: Publish FrontPage Web
6. Input your IP Address or domain name in the box that asks for the Destination web server or file location:
7. Name of Destination FrontPage Web should be left blank or called rootweb, but it is better to leave this area blank. Then click OK.
8. FrontPage will Then ask you for your USERID and PASSWORD that we assigned you. Enter the information and press OK. Now FrontPage will do the rest. Once you have published your web site you can save directly to your web site for future updates.


1.Open a connection to the Internet and start your FTP / Fetch program.
2. Look for a field called Host Address / IP address and enter you IP address that we assign you or if your Domain name is registered
then enter your FTP URL (ftp.yourdomain.xxx)
3. Now enter your USERID that we assigned you in the USERID field, and enter your PASSWORD in the password field.
4. Now click OK and this will log you on to your site and you will be ready to upload your files.
5. When you first open your site in WS_FTP on the right hand side you will see a set of directories and a file. These directories and files, in order, are: Admin, cgi-bin, public, private, and a file called admin.htm.
6. You will need to upload your files to the same location as the admin.htm file. This is your root directory. Once you have uploaded you files you are complete and you can now look at your Web site with your web browser.

Should you have further questions not covered in our support site, please contact your account representative.

Thank you again for choosing Verizon.

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